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The Expendables: Unoffical Deck Building Game 


   It's been a busy month and I didn't have time to build a full-scale Game-a-Month, so I decided to test an idea I had a while back over the past 3 days.


   While watching "The Expendables 2" I realized how they had so much violence, that it was meaningless*. It was just something that was happening around them. It was this thought that lead to my idea for an Expendables game. Despite massive numbers of casualities occuring... the game doesn't FEEL like violence.


How To Play: 

    Each turn you can play cards from your hand. Each card has a " X / Y" determining how many hostiles to draw(Y) and how many you can choose to kill (X). 


    After you've played your choice of cards you get points based on the colors of the soldiers you've killed. 


   - Trade in one of each color to gain 9 points. 

   - Trade in three of any color to gain 6 points.

   - Each single kill is worth 1 point.


   Use these points to buy new cards to add into your deck. Unspent points will turn into "Victory Points".


   When all the hostiles are down, the player with the highest kills is the winner.


*NOTE: I'd advise you to play with human players because the AI sucks. It's fully functional, but they are weak opponents.*



* This is not an insult, I enjoyed those movies more than I should. 

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