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My Story

I still have the assignment from second grade where they asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up:

"Make Vidio Games"

While my spelling has improved my heart is still the same.

I grew up playing Super Mario Bros and over the years taught myself to program games so that I could explore the possibilities on my own. I could be a creator and grew to love designing experiences for other people to enjoy. 

So the years past and I got a degree in game design and eventually a job as a programmer at a game studio and shipped my first few video games where I was informed that "Programmers can never be a designer".

So I set out to change that and ended up becoming a published board game designer and along the way, I've also designed electrical systems for a few ships currently in use by the US Navy too. 

Eventually, I started to run my own brand that allows me to experiment and explore new genres and new experiences. 

This story isn't over yet, it's just beginning. I don't know where I'll end up and the things that I'll take part in but I can't wait to find out.

My Philosophy

Just think about what we're doing here today 


Imagine the evolution of Stories to Books and Movies. Over the generations, we developed a system that allowed us to pass around lessons to other people in a relatable and exciting way. 

But today, through games we're allowing players to become part of THEIR OWN story. For the first time in thousands of years, we're in a medium that lets people walk in the very shoes and experience another existence first hand.


How freaking cool is that?


But we're a new media and still learning the ways that we can interact with the world. Yeah, game design has come a long way over the past few decades and lord knows we've advanced the addictive brain chemical formulas that seem so popular these days. 

But there is so much more to learn. How many more genres do we have to discover? How many more experiences will we be able to give to people?


Through small scale experiments, prototypes, and low budget proof of concepts we will go deeper into the world of game design. We will continue to evolve.

Question everything you know, everything that is "common knowledge" and "Everyone does it this way" and try new things in a safe controlled environment to learn exactly what makes it work and how it can be adapted to become so much more.

I've met amazing designers who have spent a lifetime doing this, and I've met amazing designers who only now are starting on the path. No one method is superior to the others because we're all approaching from different directions. We're all learning new ways that games fit into the world and the way players fit back into the games.  

Together we don't want to mimic the games that have come before... We want to take the next step.

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