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Here you'll find details on the some of the titles that I've shipped as a professionally.

Objective Ed
   Game Developer

Game Description

ObjectiveEd was an educational startup that focuses on a mobile app that allows special education students to practice their education plan with games on their phone. At the time we specifized in users with visual impairments, though we had run experiment into speech and reading impairments as well.

My Role:

This was a cross Programming and Design Role. 

My primary job was designing and implementing minigames in Unity. These minigames would be server driven to allow the teachers to customize the experience.

My largest project designing an open world RPG that could be navigated using only audio cues and a GPS-Style navigation system. In addition to the design, I implemented the procedurally generated cities and traffic systems as well as the a* pathfinding that powered the GPS. 

Medieval Games

Game Description

A Mario-Party style board game where four players engage in minigames and traverse a map to outplay their opponents. You will engage in swordfights, face of against dragons, win archery tournaments, engage in a dance off and shoot cows out of a catapault.


My Role:

 I was responsible for many of the minigames such as Pig Chase and Sword Fighting as well as the artificial intelligence for the computer players in most of the minigames.

In addition, I implemnted the UI and dialogue systems for the final product.

Go Play: Circus Stars
   Jr. Programmer

Game Description

A minigame compilation that allows you to take on the role of Tightrope walkers, pie dodging clowns and get shot out of a cannon. Collect points to unlock new minigames and explore more circus themed action.

My Role

Being a late addition to this team my primary job was to make sure the game was ready to pass the lot check testing. In addition, I am responsible for the controller feedback and the entire Wii Balance Board control scheme.

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